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Online metaphysical shop for healing,abundance,protection, and health.


I provide handmade spiritual healing, attraction, and cleansing products,as well as occasional
intuitive reads on my social platforms, such as:

More Bless in Honey Essentials

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What My Amazing Clients are saying...

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“I just want to say thank you for coming into my life when you did look at this. I tried everything even while pregnant to avoid theses and all the things to lighten them up never worked. You are a straight blessing and if ever you are doubtful just know you out here makin mommas hot again❤️‍🔥🤪 giving a bitch back her confidence. I love you miss honey I hope you and that little one have a blessed day. FOREVER GRATEFUL”

-Angelica Perez


“Girl I took some before and after pics with the oil and I’m shook🥰it works amazingggg makes my skin feel amazing thank you!!✨” 

-Gustina Andrews 

"I know I don't ever come on here & give you credit as much as you deserve it you have been the best thing that has happened to me , Everytime I feel like giving up I just talk to my mojo bag & out of nowhere l'Il get a call for work or just income coming in , your skin clarifying
has also helped me & made me feel more confident with myself & man oh man I don't feel depression, I don't feel sadness i just feel like everything is coming together for me & my family & when I want to give up I think about how God won't leave my side & I talk to my bag you have made a big difference in my life & I sure do appreciate you and everything that you do

Thank you!

"Soo, I've been using my success and fortune

soap/money bag more and I've gotten 4

lil checks in the mail the last two weeks that I was not expecting to get, & getting full time hrs back at work.. I will always come and give you your recognition bc I KNOW IT'S YOU AND YOUR GIFT making this happen. You and your family deserve the world honeyyy."

Your oils is man ... I definitely feel
so more confident with it. I can't
explain the wait it makes you feel !
I posted your package & your
sister in law Jaime told me how
she's so happy people support you
& told me how you and your family
are the truth & G.

Thank you honey

Hello and Welcome...

I am a 21 year old spiritual consultant, Intuitive Reader, Conjurer.
I am the daughter of two very spiritual inclined beings, My parents have helped guide me throw this path that has been a part of me since birth. 


Around the age of six I noticed certain traits, I was beginning to develop. This was nothing new in our Family history, After years of teachings I have acquired gifts which has led me to assist with spiritual enlightenment.

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